Bulk material systems

Whether switch housings, control pistons or pan handles - Rösler bulk material systems for plastic deburring prove their strengths in the processing of small to medium-sized, insensitive workpieces. Continuous deburring with uniform workpiece transport at a defined speed is the main focus.

Innovative drum designs and screw conveyor principles as well as proven troughed conveyor belt concepts make Rösler bulk material systems ideally suited for the comprehensive and reliable processing bulk material-capable workpieces. While the RMTS Multitumbler is characterized by 100 percent batch purity and high reliability even with the smallest workpieces, the loop conveyor belt systems in the RSBS series score with integrated cleaning drums for optimized cleanliness of the workpieces after the blasting process.

Loop conveyor belt system RSBS1201/RSBS1702

The loop belt conveyor system is used for the continuous deburring of bulk-capable thermoset and highly filled thermoplastic workpieces in high volumes.

Operating principle
The workpieces are fed to the loop belt of the deburring unit via a feeding belt and a vibrating chute. The special rubber loop belt is designed as a screw conveyor with turning cams and thus offers uniform transport with defined speed within the blasting zone. The deburring of the workpieces is done by two turbines, which are mounted in the roof of the blasting chamber, above the loop belt.

After deburring, the workpieces are freed from adhering residual blasting abrasive in an integrated cleaning drum by turning them several times. The workpieces can then be directly fed to the next work step.

For the automatic deburring of:

  • small and medium-sized workpieces
  • larger quantities
  • sensitive workpieces

Special equipment:

  • larger turbines
  • cleaning trough instead of the cleaning drum
  • perforated metal loop belt (metal)

Examples of application:

  • housings and switch covers for electrical installation parts
  • housings for circuit breakers and contactors
  • ashtrays
  • pan handles

Technical specifications:

  • RSBS1201 max. workpiece minimum circumscribed circle 150mm
  • RSBS1702 max. workpiece minimum circumscribed circle 250mmm


Multitumbler system RMTS-80

The Multitumbler is designed for the batch processing of plastic parts up to a minimum size of 3.5mm.

The deburring of the workpieces is carried out by a blast turbine, which is located on the roof area of the blasting chamber.

The special interior design and the self-contained shape of the drum ensure, on the one hand, an optimal mixing of the parts, and on the other hand, the prevention of the jamming of small, thin workpieces. In addition, the 100% emptying after blasting - i.e. batch purity - is guaranteed.

Multitumbler eignen sich zur Verwendung als Einzelanlage sowie zur Integration in vollautomatische Systeme mit Be- und Entladevorrichtung. Zur Gewährleistung des mannlosen Betriebes mit hoher Verfahrenssicherheit können diverse Optionen wie z.B. die automatische Strahlmittelnachdosierung im Anlagenkonzept integriert werden.
Multitumblers are suitable for use as stand-alone units as well as for integration into fully automatic systems with loading and unloading equipment. To ensure unmanned operation with high process reliability, various options such as automatic blasting abrasive re-dosing can be integrated into the system concept.

For the automatic deburring of:

  • small and larger bulk material parts
  • small and larger amounts
  • max. batch volume 80dm³

Special equipment:

  • specified design of the blasting drum (adapted to the workpieces to be blasted)

Examples of application:

  • pistons
  • tappets
  • electrical circuit components


Troughed belt batch blasting plant RMBC1.1-S

The RMBC 1.1-S is a compact deburring machine for the batchwise processing of large quantities of drum-capable plastic parts (thermosets, highly filled thermoplastics). During the blasting process the workpieces are continuously rotated through a perforated endless rubber fabric belt. The blasting abrasive, introduced via a turbine, thus reaches the workpieces on all sides, effectively and uniformly. The contact between the workpieces additionally accelerates the deburring process. After the actual blasting process, residual blasting abrasive is separated from the workpieces by a further drum.

For the automatic deburring of:

  • small and medium-sized workpieces
  • larger quantities
  • drum-capable workpieces
  • max. batch volume: 80dm³

Special equipment:

  • different troughed belt perforations, adapted to the workpieces to be blasted

Examples of application:

  • carbon brush holder / contact holder
  • plain bearing rings
  • pistons / valve switching components