Continuous flow installations

Continuous flow installations Fully-automatic mass finishing

The continuous loading process is just one benefit of the continuous flow installations. Part input rates and dwell times may be varied in conjunction with the size and sensitivity of the components. Consequently, this technology integrates well into automated process environments. Our innovative attention to detail has been key to our continued success. These factors allow us to offer our customers the widest range of linear continuous flow systems in the industry.

Continuous flow installations – Continuous mass finishing for confined spaces

Developed by Rösler, the Continuous flow installation is suited for continuous deburring, grinding, cleaning, deflashing and other surface treatment applications, all within a relatively small footprint. Every Continuous flow installation is equipped with Rosler's own High-Energy direct drive system. The innovative design of the Continuous flow installations processing channel allows first-in / first-out processing with variable cycle times, and up to 89 feet of process channel length. With Rösler you have the largest product range at your disposal. No other manufacturer can offer a comparable selection.