MAX-IMP - Revolutionary worldwide novelty!

MAX-IMP plast pattern control system
MAX-IMP plast pattern control system

MAX-IMP - The automated system for control of the blast pattern

The patented, innovative MAX-IMP-System is a sensor system to guarantee the precise and optimum blast pattern producing the most effective and efficient blasting process. The pneumatically operated sensor is mounted at the peripheral area of the hotspot. The measured blast pattern data is evaluated by either a separate Electronic Evaluation System. After only 3 to 5 seconds the results can be read on the separate system’s control box.

MAX-IMP® is a spectacular innovation, not only in the area of equipment modernisation, but also when investing in a new machine, because it offers exceptionally significant advantages:

  • Drastically, reduced maintenance costs, as time consuming manual (test plates) blast pattern tests are no longer required.
  • Significantly reduced operational and breakdown costs, since the analysis can take place whilst normal production is run.
  • Lower use of media, spare and wear parts, since the blasting process time is reduced significantly due to the precise justification of the blast pattern and therefore exceptional wear is inapplicable.

A further positive fact is the permanent quality check of blasting process.