Fully automatic mass finishing system

A small machine footprint and excellent process stability!

Based on the centrifugal disk finishing machine FKS 04.1 E-SA Rösler engineers have developed a compact, fully automatic mass finishing...


Optimum adaptation –The new wire mesh belt machine RDGE 600-L

Optimum adaptationThe new wire mesh belt machine RDGE 600-L has been specifically designed for the technical operating conditions generally found in the light metal die-casting industry. Excellent...


A new dimension for shot blasting of small parts

With its intelligent design details and proven components, the innovative Rösler Multi Tumbler ensures high levels of process safety for the shot blasting of mass produced small parts.  Regardless of...


Innovative treatment of blisk assemblies with a new and patented shot peening process

Automatic measuring, calibrating and shot peening

Rolls Royce Germany has developed a new, patented shot peening process for the inducement of compressive residual stresses on the surface of blisk...


Cleaning of process liquids with centrifugal force technology

Efficient separation of liquids and solidsA wide spectrum of industrial liquids, like the process water, coolants from machining and saw cutting operations, paint sludge and other contaminated process...