RAPID + TCT Event vom 20. bis 23. Mai

RAPID + TCT Event May 20-23

Mark your calendars for RAPID + TCT Event May 20-23! Be sure to attend our CEO Bernie Kerschbaum 's session on May 22 about post processing of metal AdditiveManufacturing parts and visit us in Booth...


Experience quality and technology live: Rösler - Continuous feed single strand blast machine!

In the many steel processing branches of industry, billets/semi-finished parts are important precursors to high quality requirements. Compared to other methods, e.g. staining, the Rösler RKL...

Rösler Trommelstrahlanlage

Federal Mogul Burscheid GmbH (a member of the TENNECO group) banks on Rösler shot blasting technology.

New blast cleaning system improves work piece quality and increases productivity

When a casting is produced, quite a few by-products are generated. Small pieces originating from spills, gates,...

P4S Anlagenkonzept

Processing steel profiles and sheets

Die Handelshof Riesa GmbH, ein Lieferant des regionalen Handwerks und der Industrie, setzt künftig bei der Bearbeitung von Stahlprofilen und Blechen auf ein individuelles Anlagenkonzept der P4S!



AM Solutions is a new partner of the VLN

For the season 2019, AM Solutions, a brand of Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH – Specialist in Surface Technology, will become official sponsor of the VLN endurance championship. For AM Solutions, this...