Digitales Prozesswassermanagement

Rösler Smart Solutions: Advanced version of the digital process water management

Sustainable and cost-efficient surface finishing of balancing weights

Today centrifuges are the most commonly used systems for cleaning and recycling the process water required in mass finishing...

Stüken rotary vibrator separation

Perfect finish for deep-drawn precision components

For tiny precision components with dimensions of < 1 mm and deep-drawn from 100 micrometer thick sheet metal, the surface finishing operation can be quite a challenge. Stüken, a worldwide leading...


Mass finishing solutions for electric vehicles

Vehicles driven by batteries or fuel cells and plug-ins contain a large amount of electrical and mechatronic components. These include connectors, circuit boards and busbars. For transferring the...


Preservation lines in a class of their own

When it comes to top-of-the-line preservation lines, be it for shipyards or steel rolling mills, customers around the world rely on the technical competence of Rösler. This is not surprising, because...

Wendekammer-Strahlanlage RWK

We are helping to build the car of the future

Integrable swing chamber blast machine enables parts processing in the production cycleThe transformation of the automotive industry continues apace. At the beginning of June, the European Union...