Rösler MultiShape ceramic media: A new, globally unique geometry

To provide you with the best possible surface finishing solutions, our consumables must be as diverse as your work pieces. With around 15,000 different products we offer the by far largest range of...


New shot blast machine increases capacity, improves quality and optimizes manufacturing efficiency

Due to continuously growing demand for its products a globally leading supplier of iron castings had to increase its shot blasting capacity. At the same time, the new shot blast machine was...


Hands-on research for knowledge-based mass finishing processes

Innovative solutions are the driving force for the continuous creation of added value. In this respect the cooperation between science and industry plays a central role. A good example is the...

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De-sanding and deburring of aluminum castings in tight spaces

A smart shot blasting solution for integrated manufacturing lines Increasing demand for electric vehicles forces the automobile manufacturers to expand their manufacturing capacities. Among others,...

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In the fight against the corona pandemic: Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH vaccinates workforce

Incidence rates are falling, the number of first and second vaccinations is increasing daily, yet many people in Germany still do not have sufficient protection against COVID-19 disease. Rösler now...