Automation & Special Installations

Development of customer-specific solutions with Rösler processes

The seamless integration of blasting and vibratory finishing in completely automatic production lines is one of Rösler's primary strengths. 90 percent of the blasting and vibratory finishing installations that leave our factory are customer-tailored individual solutions. Depending on the finishing task, parts handling and degree of automation, various conveyor and parts carrier, blasting or vibratory systems, surface finishing media or abrasives come into play, as well as process water technologies.

Short loading and unloading cycles, high individual component weights and reliable repeatability are the criteria which make the use of robots and handling systems essential today. Tailor-made manipulator systems for the targeted intake of components are designed and constructed in close collaboration with the customer. Thus the parts spectrum for automatic handling ranges from the fragile injection nozzle to the massive motor blocks weighing tons.